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MGS Software is an innovative and user-focused software company. We combine years of experience and knowledge with cutting-edge software solutions to offer a range of high-quality products and services. What matters to us is providing solutions to real-life problems users encounter and making their business processes more efficient.

Our team continuously works to develop products and services that make life easier, improve business processes, and enhance productivity. Pera Passage is one of these solutions. Pera Passage is an application designed to digitize and optimize visitor management processes in workplaces.

The application enables companies to better manage interactions between visitors and employees, track visitor entries and exits quickly and easily, and streamline appointment processes for increased efficiency. This optimizes business processes and saves time for both parties involved.


Our Vision

Our vision at Pera Passage is to become the leading platform globally for digitizing and improving visitor management and appointment processes in workplaces. In a world where technological advancements are rapidly progressing, we aim to consistently provide innovative and user-friendly solutions to simplify and enhance user’s business processes.

In line with this vision, we continuously develop and innovate Pera Passage. Our goal is to ensure that our application provides solutions to real-world problems, making users’ lives and business processes easier.

Our vision is to deliver the highest quality service and continuously improve our products and services by considering user feedback.

Our Mission

At Pera Passage, our mission is to offer an innovative and user-friendly visitor management and appointment platform that simplifies and enhances users’ business processes and lives. We believe that every user is unique and deserves an excellent experience. Therefore, we constantly monitor and enhance the user experience.

Pera Passage is an innovative solution that digitizes and optimizes visitor management processes in workplaces. Our mission is to provide solutions that meet users’ needs and expectations. By carefully listening to user feedback and incorporating it into the development of our products and services, we will continue to improve and enhance Pera Passage.

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