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Appointment System

Digitize Your Appointments, Manage Your Time!

The Pera Passage application simplifies your business’s appointment management, allowing you and your visitors to use your time more efficiently. With the Appointment System, you can get rid of paper-based appointment books and complex scheduling by digitizing your appointment processes.

Your visitors can now create appointments and save them digitally through the Pera Passage application. Visitors can easily submit appointment requests and select a suitable appointment time through the mobile application.

The Appointment System allows you to manage your appointment calendar according to your business hours. You can easily schedule appointment times, avoid conflicts, and respond quickly to appointment requests. This way, you can manage your time efficiently and better accommodate your visitors.

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With Pera Passage’s powerful Appointment System, your company’s appointment management becomes easier and more flexible. In this system, where visitors can create appointments with company employees, you and your employees can edit your appointment times, hide hours when you are not available, or choose not to appear in the appointment system.

Visitors can send appointment requests to company employees through the Pera Passage mobile application. Company employees can evaluate these requests, approve or reject appointments, or optionally adjust their hours. This allows both visitors and company employees to easily organize their meetings and appointments by selecting the most suitable appointment times.

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Benefits of Pera Passage's Appointment System:

The Appointment System also enhances communication within your business. One company employee can create an appointment for another and plan their meetings. The person creating the appointment can provide location information and other essential details to the participants. This way, internal communication within the company becomes faster and more efficient.

Furthermore, the Appointment System supports group appointments. Company employees can create an appointment for a group of visitors or visitors can request appointments as a group. The employee creating the appointment can individually approve or reject group members, allowing for better management of the appointment process.

  1. Flexible Appointment Management: Company employees can adjust their availability and may not appear in the appointment system, allowing them to plan their appointments more efficiently. Visitors, on the other hand, can request appointments with their preferred company employees.
  2. Internal Company Communication: Company employees can create appointments for each other and better plan their meetings. The employee creating the appointment can share location information and details with other employees.
  3. Notifications and Reminders: In the case of scheduled appointments, notifications about appointment times are sent to visitors. Visitors receive reminders when they arrive for their appointments using the generated Meeting QR code or SMS QR code.
  4. Group Appointments: Company employees can create appointments for a group of visitors, or visitors can request appointments as a group. The employee creating the appointment can individually approve or reject group members.
Download the Pera Passage app now and make your appointment management smarter with the Appointment System!

Pera Passage app’s Appointment System provides flexibility and efficiency in appointment management for you and your visitors. Digitize your appointments, take control of your time, and simplify your business’s appointment processes!

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