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QR Code Entry System

Simplify Your Visits with QR Codes!

The Pera Passage application offers you a new experience with QR code integration, allowing your visitors to easily register without any physical identity exchange. Now, your visitors receive their personalized QR codes after identifying themselves within the application. These QR codes are a unique and integrated method used to identify visitors.

For unscheduled visits, when visitors scan their QR codes, they can easily register without any physical identity exchange. The integrated QR code system of the Pera Passage application automatically records visitor information, ensuring fast and secure visits to your business.

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Appointments with QR Codes

For scheduled visits, special Meeting QR codes are created. These QR codes contain appointment details, and when scanned from within the Pera Passage application by reception or security staff, they are used to view appointment details and visitor information. This makes scheduled visits more organized and efficient.

Appointments via SMS

In addition, we offer solutions for visitors who do not have the Pera Passage application installed. Company employees can create an appointment for a visitor without the application from within their own Pera Passage applications. A QR code specific to the created appointment is sent via SMS. When this QR code is scanned from within the Pera Passage application by security or reception, the visitor can enter, confirm, and conduct the visit using the QR code received via SMS.

Download the Pera Passage application now and manage visitor tracking more intelligently with QR code integration!

Pera Passage’s QR code integration digitizes visitor management processes, enhancing the security and efficiency of your business. You can easily record visitor registrations, manage appointments, and improve the visitor experience, all without physical identity exchange.

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