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Visitor Tracking System

Simplify Your Business with the Visitor Tracking System!

The visitor tracking system of Pera Passage ensures that your company’s visitor management is now faster, safer, and more efficient. The visitor tracking system allows you to digitally record, track, and report your visitors without the need to deal with paper-based methods.

Now, receptionists or security personnel don’t have to manually check visitors’ identities or record visitor logs in tangible books. Thanks to Pera Passage’s user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, you can manage your visitor records digitally.

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The visitor tracking system allows company employees to identify and register visitors. Visitors can download the Pera Passage mobile app to register and make their visits through this application. Registered visitors, who use their email addresses to log in, encounter customized menus and processes based on their roles. Additionally, you can track visitors who haven’t checked out through this application.

The visitor management application provides a web-based portal that users such as receptionists, security personnel, and supervisors can access. Through this portal, you can create, edit, and manage visitor records.

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Pera Passage's visitor tracking system offers you the following benefits:

  1. Quick and Effective Visitor Registration: Quickly record visitors’ identification information and streamline the check-in process. You no longer have to deal with handwritten logs.
  2. Secure Entry Control: Digitally verify visitors’ identities and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your company. Safely store your visitor records and access them whenever you need.
  3. Reporting and Monitoring: The visitor tracking system allows you to monitor and report visitor activities. Analyze data about visitor numbers, visit durations, and more to better understand your company’s visitor traffic.
  4. Appointment Management: Pera Passage works in integration with an appointment system. Visitors can make and register appointments through the system. This ensures better communication between visitors and employees regarding appointment times.
Try Pera Passage now and digitize your visitor management, making your business more modern!

Pera Passage’s visitor tracking system is designed to meet the needs of all users. It provides a platform where company employees can perform actions specific to their roles with a mobile app designed for them, a web-based portal for users such as receptionists, security personnel, and supervisors, and a mobile app for visitors.

You no longer need to deal with complex and time-consuming procedures for visitor management. Simplify your tasks, ensure security, and increase efficiency with Pera Passage’s visitor tracking system.

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