Pera Passage - Visitor Tracking & Management System

Visitor Tracking & Management System

Pera Passage is a location-based visitor tracking and management system. You can easily register, track, and create appointments for your visitors. Save time with the quick entry feature.


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Functional Features

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What is Pera Passage?

Pera Passage - Revolution in Visitor Management

Pera Passage is a digital solution that simplifies and accelerates visitor management and appointment coordination in the workplace. With QR code technology, you can track visitor entries and exits in seconds and optimize your appointment processes.

With Pera Passage, you can consolidate, organize, and track both internal and external appointments in a single platform. This allows you to use your time more efficiently and make your business processes more effective.


Scan the QR code for easy entry and save time. With this system that offers a fast and secure experience, you can quickly register your visitors.

With the visitor tracking feature, you can easily register, track, and communicate with incoming visitors. It provides an effective tool for managing your visitors’ movements and records.

The appointment system makes it easy for your visitors to schedule appointments and simplifies appointment management. Your customers can adjust appointment times, track requests, and stay in touch with you. This system enables efficient appointment scheduling and time-saving.

The job application system allows you to easily receive and manage job applications from potential employees. You can quickly and effectively perform tasks such as posting job listings, evaluating applications, and scheduling interviews. You can manage your job applications in a more organized and efficient manner.

The customized form system allows you to create forms that can be customized to your needs and used for various purposes. You can easily add features such as different fields, validation options, contact information, and perform tasks like collecting, analyzing, and reporting form data. This way, you can systematically collect and track information from your customers or visitors.

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Pera Passage: Welcome to the Future Solution Partnership

Pera Passage helps you and your company make more efficient use of your time. It offers a revolutionary approach to visitor management, provides customized solutions to users, and assists businesses in achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

1. Personalized Solutions

Pera Passage offers personalized solutions tailored to the needs of each user. With customized capabilities for managers, employees, and visitors, each user experiences the most effective and efficient solution.

2. Role and Authorization System

Pera Passage allows users to manage different functions based on their roles and authorizations. This ensures that business processes run efficiently and smoothly.

3. Digital Appointment Management

Both visitors and company employees can easily schedule appointments and manage them through the application. This saves time and resources.

4. Job Applications

Users can apply directly to companies through Pera Passage. This feature accelerates the recruitment process and provides convenience for candidates.

5. Transparency

Pera Passage provides administrators with the ability to view all visitors, appointments, blacklists, and job applications. This allows companies to effectively monitor and manage all processes.

Visitor Tracking System

Secure, Fast, and Effective

Pera Passage simplifies and accelerates the visitor management process, combining all operations into one platform through QR code technology.

1. Registration and QR Code Creation

Download the Pera Passage application, register, and obtain your personal QR code.

2. Entry and Exit

Use your personal QR code for quick and easy entry at all companies using Pera Passage.

3. Appointment Convenience

Simplify and organize your appointments with Pera Passage. Company employees or visitors can quickly and easily create and manage appointments through a single platform.

4. Group Appointments

Planning to meet with multiple people? Easily create and manage group appointments with Pera Passage.

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Visitor Management System

Revolutionize Your Business Processes

Pera Passage modernizes your business processes and enhances the productivity of every user.

1. Simplification

Pera Passage digitizes visitor management, eliminating traditional procedures such as identity verification and information filling.

2. Security

Enhance security by blacklisting rule violators and performing identity verification.

3. Communication

Improve communication and coordination by storing all visitor information in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pera Passage is a platform that facilitates and digitizes visitor management for companies. It allows users to create personal QR codes for quick and easy entry to all companies using Pera. Additionally, it offers features such as scheduling appointments and job applications through the application, along with various customized options.

Pera Passage is designed for different user roles, including administrators, company employees, and visitors. Each user has access to features determined by their role and permissions.

Pera Passage offers several advantages for users. You can manage appointments digitally, submit job applications, create your personal QR code, and use it across all companies using Pera. This streamlines processes and saves time.

Applying for a job through Pera Passage is straightforward. Go to the profile of the company you’re interested in and fill out the job application form. The company will receive your application directly through the application, expediting the hiring process.

With Pera Passage, you can manage visitor management, appointment scheduling, blacklist management, and job applications processes. These features enhance workplace efficiency and simplify processes.

Pera Passage takes security seriously to ensure user safety. User identities are verified after registration, and personal information is protected with the latest security technologies. Individuals who violate rules are added to the blacklist and cannot visit again.

Companies using Pera Passage enhance their efficiency and productivity through digitization, simplifying visitor management and hiring processes. Those not using it miss out on these advantages. Invest in your company’s future with Pera Passage.

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